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A day of personal records!

So Sunday was the Tri-ing for Children’s Triathlon benefitting Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee. It was a great cause and the triathlon that my buddies from home Cam, Steve, and Adam all decided to do on New Year’s of this year. So really, this race was my New Years resolution even though I have already surpassed the “Do one triathlon” pledge. :) Steve’s wife, Jordan, and Jordan’s brother Jason also participated in the race. Ot was pretty coold knowing multiple people throughout the race. Kept my attention during the race focused on finding them and giving some words of encouragement.

After the Olympic waves, which included Cam, the Sprint waves started. Adam, Steve, and I were all in the same wave. I got some more use out of my wetsuit, which is a pretty nice security blanket for some extra confidence in the water. My swim stroke remains very efficient compared to the other swimmers in my age group. The only issue I had was that half way through the race, I couldn’t really get a deep breath in, which is usually a sign of my asthma kicking in. When I was younger it was originally thought that it was because of my allergies, but I’m starting to notice, especially on more humid days, that it can be exercise induced as well. After my swim there was maybe a .1 mile run to the transition area. This was where I wanted to make the biggest improvement. Last week it took me 6+ minutes to get on my bike, so I was determined to be better than that. I succeeded!!! I even had to pull my wetsuit off, but with some concentration and waiting to put my socks on until the ride, I was off on the bike in 3:37. Still room for improvement, but I was happy with that.

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