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Commute, Storms, and State Fair

Another week, another commute to work.  I was running a little late this week so instead of pushing it harder, I took a short cut and avoided the trails around Grant park.  Plus I’m dealing with a shin split from my old running shoes, so I figured this would be better than pulling something.  Since I stay on Lake Dr, I got to see the “crazy house” in Cudahy.  I’ll take a picture of it this week and post it.  Pretty interesting house.  There’s a ’57 Chevy that is cut in half and each half is buried in the ground.  On top of that, the yard is littered with all kind of statues and paraphenalia from fast food joints throughout the years.  A little hard to explain, but you’ll see when I post the picture. 

The way home was pretty uneventful with the exception of a a construction zone.  It broke down from 2 lanes each way down to one.  I had a few cars in front of me and one car behind me so I pushed harder to stay as close to the 25 mph speed limit as possible.  I stayed with traffic, so that was a small victory for me. :o)


8-26-2009 8-58-45 PM


Elevation 8-26-2009 9-17-27 PM

Wheeling for Healing

 I signed up for the 12th annual Wheeling for Healing fundraiser last week.  I figured it would be a good reason for a 32 mile ride.  Here’s the map.  Unfortnuately, when i woke up Saturday morning and got ready, it was still raining.  I checked out the weather and it the rain was going to pick up through the time that I would have been riding.  Continue reading


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