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On my way home on June 23rd, I had the unfortunate experience of my first flat tire. It made me realize that I really need to learn how to do basic maintenance on my bike for future occurances since it is more than likely to happen again. The good news is that my CO2 cartridge was ready and worked perfectly! Once I inflated the tire, I could hear that there was a leak somewhere, but after looking over the tire, I couldn’t locate it. By this time the 95 degree weather may have been getting to me a little bit.

Lucky for me, I was within a mile of South Shore Cyclery which is the store that I get most of my work done. I took it there and 10 minutes later the bike was good as new! It also was a good reminder that I need to pick up a spare tube in the event of a flat during a race.

So 2.5 hours after I left work to head home, I finally made it. Probably not the safest day to be biking given the heat, but I survived it. I went home and pretty much crashed on the couch the rest of the night. Yeesh!


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