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Mid-Season Form

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was hoping to get one last tune-up ride in before my Triathlon. I went out on the 15th after work with Katie and we did an abbreviated ride since there were some strong winds coming from the west. The types of winds that make you feel like you’re really going fast when it’s at your bike and make you feel like you’re worthless when you’re riding into it! But nonetheless, it was a solid last ride of 7 miles. Just enough to get the muscles activated and eager for Saturday’s race.

THE BIG DAY! Katie and I left the hotel at about 5:30am so I could get there plenty early and setup. Of course there was a chance for rain the entire day as I’m noticing seems to be a trend whenever I want to do a triathlon. It was drizzling pretty much the entire way to the course. We got to Murphy Park and I went to setup my bike. I noticed that the waves in Green Bay were nice and big. YAY… ugh… not an exciting way to start a race! After setting up my stuff and then later covering it with a poncho to keep it dry the rain stopped. Unfortunately the wind still hadn’t stopped. Continue reading


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