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David Heaslip: Coast to Coast—The Sears National Kids Cancer Ride

David Heaslip of Bracebridge has been selected as one of the 40 riders to ride across Canada in the 2010 Sears National Kids Cancer Ride. If you ask David why he wants to do it he’ll say “If not now….when?” David’s 68 now, and will be 69 during the ride. His other slogan is “…because I think I can!”.
David’s interest in fitness started back in 1998. An executive on Bay Street in Toronto, time in the office or flying around the country in the back of a 747 airplane had packed on the weight. There was no time for fitness at all.
One day a light bulb went off and he decided to join a downtown fitness club. He got up before dawn, headed to the gym and got on the treadmill. Twelve months later he had lost 54 pounds and 11 inches from around his waist. At this point he started strength training, and then dabbled at distance running. That didn’t prove to be too exciting.
He retired in 2000 and moved to his lakeside home in Muskoka. He joined the Muskoka Fitness Club in Bracebridge, and kept up his daily routine. A few months later he was invited by a couple of gym members to take the CanFitPro Personal Trainer certification. He did, and he loved it. He went back to Bracebridge and spoke at several service club luncheons about wellness as we age.
He then took the CanFitPro Wellness and Nutrition program to bolster his knowledge. At the same time, he completed the Million Metre Row on the indoor rowing machine. He was invited to join a social bike riding club, and caught the bug. He went on to take his indoor cycling certification at Georgian College, and introduced classes to Muskoka Fitness.
David believes that just because you are older that you shouldn’t stop being active and fit. He has no illusions about the effects that aging has on our bodies. He understands the naturally diminished system functions, the diminished lung capacities, and the lower heart capabilities, but believes that with aggressive training he will be able to hold his own during such a grueling ride.
The Sears National Kids Cancer Ride is believed to be the world’s largest fundraising event for childhood cancer.  Starting on Canada’s west coast in Vancouver on September 9th, 2010 and finishing on Canada’s east coast in Halifax on September 23rd, the event is an epic journey.  As they travel from coast to coast along a well planned route, national cyclists will be joined by local community riders who will cycle for as little as 10 KM or more. They will stop at Sears locations for community support and refreshments, and visit with pediatric oncology centres along the way. A volunteer team will accompany the national team to ensure the safety of all riders, ensure optimum riding conditions, drive support vehicles, and tend to the needs of all the riders.
Each rider is responsible for raising $25,000 in pledges to help meet this year’s goal of $2 million.

If you would like to sponsor David, go to his webpage at www.snkcr.com/davidheaslip or visit the homepage at www.searsnationalkidscancerride.com. He can be reached at heaslip@B2B2C.ca

When he signed up, he was motivated to get behind a cause that had the potential to directly affect the lives of children living with cancer and their families. Each rider pays a $4,000 registration fee to cover their own costs, which means that 100% of the money raised goes directly towards the cause.

As they ride through the cities along the way, they’ll attend numerous community events, where they’ll hear stories of the many ways the money raised by the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride has helped children with cancer and their families.

If you would like to get involved in the fight against children’s cancer, and want to participate in his fundraising efforts, I know he’d welcome all the support that he can get!

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