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Work Ride and a New Group Ride

Tuesday I got back to riding my bike to work.  Now that summer hours are over, I can wait for the sun to come up a little more before leaving the house.  The weather has been PERFECT lately, which made for a really nice morning ride.  This week I took a camera along and snapped some photos along the way of my ride to and from work.  It was a little foggy in the morning but I think the pictures turned out pretty well.  I promise to get them up tonight!  I got some great views of the lake from the bike path as well as the crazy house in Cudahy that most south siders know about. :)  It was a relaxed 33 miles.


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Wednesday I took a half day at work to go on a networking ride with the Midwest Cycling Network.  Basically a bunch of professionals that meet to ride once a month and chit chat a little bit.  Really friendly and fun group of people.  Although towards the end of the ride I was doing a lot less chit chatting and a lot more huffing and puffing!!!   Needless to say, the south side of Milwaukee is much flatter than the west suburbs.  Yeesh!  It didn’t help that I ate too big of a lunch beforehand.  Some things you just have to learn the hard way!  We finished 32 miles in about 1:45.  A solid afternoon ride!


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