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What Type of Cyclist Are You?

Came across this entertaining article from bikehacks.com.  Check out the full article here which includes examples of several types of riders. :o)

Basket Gal: This is the gal that is rocking a front basket with all sorts of stuff in it, most often including a helmet. Basket gal must believe that as soon as she starts to fall or gets hit by a car, that in the split second before she hits the ground she will be able to, in one swift motion, reach down into her basket, scoop out her helmet, fling it onto her head and snap the buckle before her dome meets the ground.

Breeder Guy: This is the guy who is transporting more than one small human. He is a family man and is not going to let breeding stand in the way of his bike lifestyle. The combination of gear can be different, but there is one guy in charge of himself and two other people. Having just one kid in my eyes does not make you a true breeder, it’s when you add a second that the “breeder” moniker enters my vocabulary. The most common one I see is the “Trail-a-bike” being towed behind along with a child seat on the back of his bike. It’s also funny to see this guy after he drops off the kids towing an empty bike behind him.


Butter Guy: This is the guy who is obviously involved in some sort of competitive racing because he wears shoe covers, but not the winter kind to protect you from the cold – rather very bright (often pink, yellow, or white) that I guess are meant to reduce drag. He wants to cut through the air like butter . . . and if his shoe covers are yellow his feet look like sticks of butter.

Cleavage Gal: I might get hate mail from guys on this one if it leads to corrective action from the female cycling community. I’m not sure if some female riders are aware, probably not because of the large instance of this, but when riding a bike and leaning forward in any capacity while wearing a low cut shirt, your cleavage is exposed in all its glory and is sure to catch the eyes of male riders coming in the opposite direction Continue reading


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Work Ride and a New Group Ride

Tuesday I got back to riding my bike to work.  Now that summer hours are over, I can wait for the sun to come up a little more before leaving the house.  The weather has been PERFECT lately, which made for a really nice morning ride.  This week I took a camera along and snapped some photos along the way of my ride to and from work.  It was a little foggy in the morning but I think the pictures turned out pretty well.  I promise to get them up tonight!  I got some great views of the lake from the bike path as well as the crazy house in Cudahy that most south siders know about. :)  It was a relaxed 33 miles.


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Wednesday I took a half day at work to go on a networking ride with the Midwest Cycling Network.  Basically a bunch of professionals that meet to ride once a month and chit chat a little bit.  Really friendly and fun group of people.  Although towards the end of the ride I was doing a lot less chit chatting and a lot more huffing and puffing!!!   Needless to say, the south side of Milwaukee is much flatter than the west suburbs.  Yeesh!  It didn’t help that I ate too big of a lunch beforehand.  Some things you just have to learn the hard way!  We finished 32 miles in about 1:45.  A solid afternoon ride!

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