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Another weekly commute

Still maintaining my committment to bike to work at least once a week.  It’s definitely a much more pleasant ride in the morning in summer vs the spring when it was 40 degrees out!  Since my ride to work is easier than the ride home from work, I’ve been pushing harder and harder to get to work faster.  Tuesdays ride to work was a new record for me because I made it in 58 minutes!  My goal was to make it in less than an hour, so I was pretty pleased with that.  It’s difficult at times because traffic lights can hold me back, but made most of the lights. 

The way home was pretty uneventful.  The long steady climbing hill in South Milwaukee is getting a little easier, but not much.  I really hate that hill, but it helps me more in training than any of the other hills that I ride.  It helps to just swear at the hill as I’m climbing it though.  Get this, there’s actually research that supports the theory that swearing makes pain more tolerable.  Granted this isn’t acute pain, but I find it helps!

Total this trip was another 32 miles in the books.  That makes 488.37 miles YTD or 97.7% of my goal.  Setting me up for a nice goal achieving MS Bike ride on Sunday.


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