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Test Ride

So Friday I was pushing it by riding only 2 days before my race, but I was really itching to get out and ride one more time and really get my heart rate up. It looked like it was going to rain, but I rushed over to the Oak Leaf Trail in Oak Creek to log a few miles before the rain.

In an effort to cut down my T1 time in the Triathlon, I wanted to practicing riding at a race base with no socks on. I think this will be in a race situation only, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t feeling any discomfort or developing any blisters.

I rode 7 miles in about 20 minutes keeping my pedal cadence high as well as my heart rate. It felt great so I decided Sunday I would hold off on the socks until my run. I was originally going to ride all the way to Whitnall Park and back, but as I approached the end of the bike path near Loomis I came around the corner and was greeted by a doe and her fawn right on the bike path! I slammed on my brakes (I was going about 17 mph) and quickly turned around and stopped. I just waited there for a minute, watching the mother and her baby wonder along the brush line, he tail wagging a little bit. It’s a bit intimidating being within 20 feet of a deer that big especially when you don’t know if she feels threatened by you being there. But she didn’t seem to be bothered and just kind of wondered along before both of them disappeared back into the woods. Just another example of some of the amazing things I’ve been able to see while biking this year!

So it was a quick 7 mile ride to make the YTD total 441.37 miles or 88.3% of my goal!


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