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Mid-Season Form

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was hoping to get one last tune-up ride in before my Triathlon. I went out on the 15th after work with Katie and we did an abbreviated ride since there were some strong winds coming from the west. The types of winds that make you feel like you’re really going fast when it’s at your bike and make you feel like you’re worthless when you’re riding into it! But nonetheless, it was a solid last ride of 7 miles. Just enough to get the muscles activated and eager for Saturday’s race.

THE BIG DAY! Katie and I left the hotel at about 5:30am so I could get there plenty early and setup. Of course there was a chance for rain the entire day as I’m noticing seems to be a trend whenever I want to do a triathlon. It was drizzling pretty much the entire way to the course. We got to Murphy Park and I went to setup my bike. I noticed that the waves in Green Bay were nice and big. YAY… ugh… not an exciting way to start a race! After setting up my stuff and then later covering it with a poncho to keep it dry the rain stopped. Unfortunately the wind still hadn’t stopped. There was an announcement over the PA that the swimming portion of the Triathlon was going to be shortened due to the 3 to 6 ft waves! So instead of 500 yards we were looking at 400 yards. That helped me feel a little more relieved. Once the race started and my wave got in the water I started to get a rush of adrenline. I was ready for this! I started towards the back of my wave, which I will note for the next time to move closer to the front. I’ve always been a strong swimmer and I can’t really utilize that if I’m stuck in a pack. I got to about the mid-way point of the swim course and I switched to breast stroke to fight the big waves. I looked around and saw a look of panic on a lot of people’s faces. No one expected that it would be like swimming in a wave pool at Noah’s Ark! I just kept pushing to get to shore. Once I got to shore, I got my wetsuit off, ran over to Katie and threw it to her. I was a little disoriented as I always am after the swim. My first transition was pretty slow compared to most of the other people. Part of it was me getting my bearing together, but also when I’m still a little wet from the swim, it’s difficult to get socks and my under armour on. So I’ll note that for next time. The bike was about as successful as I envisioned it. I finished the 18 miles course in 1:00:08 for a 17.9 mph avg. Ideally I would have liked to get 18+ but this was pretty close. I’ll focus on pushing a little more on the bike next week. It was a nice, flat course and had many trees bordering the road. This helped to block the wind with the exception of the turnaround point which was right on the bay. There was a heavy cross-wind there, but it could have been worse. It was a tremendous feeling passing quite a few people versus the first Tri when I didn’t pass one person! Once I got back I quickly threw on my shoes and was off for the run. I ran the 5k in 32:00 which is a personal best for me. I think my focus on nutrition this races and choosing the right kind of sports drink helped me with fighting off fatigue and being able to run the entire leg. In the end I finished at 1:47:35 for a new personal best! I accomplished both of my goals which were to have a 15 minutes improvement over my first tri (15:25 to be exact) and I did not finish last in my age group! My next step in goals is to finish under 1:45 and finish ahead of at least 5 people in my age group.

Sunday and Monday I went on recovery rides. Katie, Michelle, and I went riding through Peninsula State Park on Sunday. That was really nice and a completely different part of Door County. We went to the farthest ppoint of the park all along the bay and then came back on the same route. Some great views! It was a nice easy pace with a couple of hills that I pushed up. Total it was a 10 mile ride on a beautiful day. Where was that weather the day before!

Monday Katie and I had the day off, so we decided we would go to the beach for a while. We went down old Ryan Rd. to the Oak Creek waterfront beach. It’s actually a very nice quiet beach right on the lake with crystal clear water. A little chilly, but that might not be a bad spot to do some open water swimming with my wet suit. Total we did 9.85 miles in about an hour.

Total over these last four rides I covered 44.85 miles for a YTD total of 434.37 miles or 86.9% of my goal! As of right now I will reach my 500 mile goal on the MS Bike ride on August 2nd. Until then, I’ll be trying to improve my biking speed this Sunday in the Eagle Triathlon.


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