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A day of personal records!

So Sunday was the Tri-ing for Children’s Triathlon benefitting Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee. It was a great cause and the triathlon that my buddies from home Cam, Steve, and Adam all decided to do on New Year’s of this year. So really, this race was my New Years resolution even though I have already surpassed the “Do one triathlon” pledge. :) Steve’s wife, Jordan, and Jordan’s brother Jason also participated in the race. Ot was pretty coold knowing multiple people throughout the race. Kept my attention during the race focused on finding them and giving some words of encouragement.

After the Olympic waves, which included Cam, the Sprint waves started. Adam, Steve, and I were all in the same wave. I got some more use out of my wetsuit, which is a pretty nice security blanket for some extra confidence in the water. My swim stroke remains very efficient compared to the other swimmers in my age group. The only issue I had was that half way through the race, I couldn’t really get a deep breath in, which is usually a sign of my asthma kicking in. When I was younger it was originally thought that it was because of my allergies, but I’m starting to notice, especially on more humid days, that it can be exercise induced as well. After my swim there was maybe a .1 mile run to the transition area. This was where I wanted to make the biggest improvement. Last week it took me 6+ minutes to get on my bike, so I was determined to be better than that. I succeeded!!! I even had to pull my wetsuit off, but with some concentration and waiting to put my socks on until the ride, I was off on the bike in 3:37. Still room for improvement, but I was happy with that.

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Test Ride

So Friday I was pushing it by riding only 2 days before my race, but I was really itching to get out and ride one more time and really get my heart rate up. It looked like it was going to rain, but I rushed over to the Oak Leaf Trail in Oak Creek to log a few miles before the rain.

In an effort to cut down my T1 time in the Triathlon, I wanted to practicing riding at a race base with no socks on. I think this will be in a race situation only, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t feeling any discomfort or developing any blisters.

I rode 7 miles in about 20 minutes keeping my pedal cadence high as well as my heart rate. It felt great so I decided Sunday I would hold off on the socks until my run. I was originally going to ride all the way to Whitnall Park and back, but as I approached the end of the bike path near Loomis I came around the corner and was greeted by a doe and her fawn right on the bike path! I slammed on my brakes (I was going about 17 mph) and quickly turned around and stopped. I just waited there for a minute, watching the mother and her baby wonder along the brush line, he tail wagging a little bit. It’s a bit intimidating being within 20 feet of a deer that big especially when you don’t know if she feels threatened by you being there. But she didn’t seem to be bothered and just kind of wondered along before both of them disappeared back into the woods. Just another example of some of the amazing things I’ve been able to see while biking this year!

So it was a quick 7 mile ride to make the YTD total 441.37 miles or 88.3% of my goal!

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MS Fundraising Update

Just wanted to give a quick update for Katie and my progress for the MS Fundraising…

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Mid-Season Form

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was hoping to get one last tune-up ride in before my Triathlon. I went out on the 15th after work with Katie and we did an abbreviated ride since there were some strong winds coming from the west. The types of winds that make you feel like you’re really going fast when it’s at your bike and make you feel like you’re worthless when you’re riding into it! But nonetheless, it was a solid last ride of 7 miles. Just enough to get the muscles activated and eager for Saturday’s race.

THE BIG DAY! Katie and I left the hotel at about 5:30am so I could get there plenty early and setup. Of course there was a chance for rain the entire day as I’m noticing seems to be a trend whenever I want to do a triathlon. It was drizzling pretty much the entire way to the course. We got to Murphy Park and I went to setup my bike. I noticed that the waves in Green Bay were nice and big. YAY… ugh… not an exciting way to start a race! After setting up my stuff and then later covering it with a poncho to keep it dry the rain stopped. Unfortunately the wind still hadn’t stopped. Continue reading

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Bike MS: Best Dam Bike Tour

Coming up the weekend of August 1-2, Katie and I have decided to participate in the Bike MS bike ride. The tour kicks off Saturday in Pewaukee and rides 75 miles to Whitewater continuing on Sunday to Madison. We will be at a family reunion Saturday, but we will meet up with the group in Whitewater Saturday night and head out sunday morning for the final 75 miles trip.

Neither of us have ever biked this far, so that in itself will be an adventure! I think it will be a great experience though. I am also pretty stoked to stay in the Whitewater dorms on Saturday night and walk to downtown just like back in the day!

Katie and I both know people who have personally been affected by MS, so we see the importance of doing what we can to find a cure and help the lives of those people. We are both fundraising trying to raise $300 each. If you’d like to help either of us out, the links are attached below:

Greg’s Page: http://bikewig.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR?px=6920009&pg=personal&fr_id=9802

Katie’s Page: http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR?px=6946852&pg=personal&fr_id=9802

Between the 2 Triathlons coming up in the next few weeks, I’ll be putting in as much mileage as I can to prepare for this. Should be a fun rest of the month! Thanks for your support!

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Tuning up for the Triathlon

The Saturday after my flat tire, I set out with Katie to ride the Oal Leaf Trail from the Milwaukee County Sports Complex West. We didn’t really have a goal in mind, but just wanted to get a solid ride in on a beautiful Saturday morning. This is definitely my favorite path right now given the fact that it is very scenic and fairly new so the path is nice and smooth. We took the path all the way to Whitnall Park and then continued west to Grange Ave. and back. Total we biked 14.25 miles in about an 1:15.

I had a little hiatis last week from biking for a few days and focused on running for the Triathlon. I wanted to give it ones big push before tapering off for the Door County Triatlon on July 18th. I didn’t bike until Thursday, but planned on doing a “brick” to get my biking/running transition down to a comfortable level. Continue reading

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On my way home on June 23rd, I had the unfortunate experience of my first flat tire. It made me realize that I really need to learn how to do basic maintenance on my bike for future occurances since it is more than likely to happen again. The good news is that my CO2 cartridge was ready and worked perfectly! Once I inflated the tire, I could hear that there was a leak somewhere, but after looking over the tire, I couldn’t locate it. By this time the 95 degree weather may have been getting to me a little bit.

Lucky for me, I was within a mile of South Shore Cyclery which is the store that I get most of my work done. I took it there and 10 minutes later the bike was good as new! It also was a good reminder that I need to pick up a spare tube in the event of a flat during a race.

So 2.5 hours after I left work to head home, I finally made it. Probably not the safest day to be biking given the heat, but I survived it. I went home and pretty much crashed on the couch the rest of the night. Yeesh!

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