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From chilly mornings to mid-summer temps!

Man what a week it’s been. Last week I wasn’t able to ride to work at all because there was a decent chance of storms every day! That made for a pretty depressing week as far as cycling goes. Hopefully this week I will rebound a bit though.

Wednesday of last week I took advantage of a nice evening and took an 18 mile ride at race pace. I wanted to see about how long it took me to go the race distance for the Door Country Triathlon coming up. I did the Puetz route the connects with the Oak Leaf Trail in Franklin. I took that to Whitnal Park and back. A few stops here and there which is expected crossing traffic and sharing the path with walkers and casual riders. It took me an 1:07 so not too bad overall. Although I did realize it’s going to be a little interesting trying to meet my Triathlon goal of a 15 minute improvement in my time. The Whitewater bike portion was 13.7 miles compared with the 18 mile ride for the Door County race. At about 4 minutes per mile, that will probably be an extra 16 minutes right there, on top of swimming in open water instead of a pool. But I should have much shorter transition time and will probably shave off 5 minutes from swimming to biking alone. I just don’t want to finish last in my age group this time. :o)

Yesterday I decided to bike to Franklin High School to go swim some laps. I found out the lap pool is still open in the summer, so I need to kick it back into gear for swimming. When I got there, I saw a sign saying swimming was cancelled this week. I don’t know if the pool area got flooded or what, so I’ll have to push off swimming until next week. While I was out, I decided to circle out to Drexel and take the Oak Leaf Trail back. It was a pretty nice, enjoyable ride, although it got a little hot towards the end. Total it was 12.72 miles in about 53 minutes.

Today I’m back riding to work. Probably not the best idea seeing as how we have a heat advisory today and an O-zone action day. Hard to believe that 3 weeks ago I was riding to work and the temperature was in the 40’s with frost on the ground! The ride in this morning was great though. About 68 degrees and sunny. Definitely hazy. I was riding next to the lake and I could barely see the lake. Still had a fast ride in making it in 1:04. I’m thinking I had a slight tail wind, which I hope dies down otherwise I’ll be fighting to get home in the heat tonight! I’m just making sure to pack in the fluids today, have an extra gatorade ready, and go sleeveless on the way home. At least I’m not driving my car creating more polution on a hot day. :o) This will add another 32 miles to my total.

So with these last 3 rides, I’m at 62.72 miles in the last week, bringing my total mileage to 311.27 miles YTD or 62.2% of my goal. That projects that I should reach my goal of 500 miles in 3 weeks!


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