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Bike to Work Week

Well it wasn’t exactly seasonal weather for bike to work week last week, but at least Thursday and Friday were dry and a little on the warmer side. It was starting to feel like it was really never going to warm up.

Thursday I got a couple of great rides in. I was a little sore from running Tuesday and Wednesday, but as soon as I go on the bike I got through it. The part of the ride the sucked was the strong head wind the ENTIRE way in to work on Thursday. My only hope was that that wind stayed and aided me on my way home Thursday night. I passed up the free coffee station this time since it was a little before 7 and it wasn’t suppose to start before 7. My plan was to stop on the way to work on Friday since I didn’t have to be there until 8am. The ride home was the best that I’ve had yet! The head wind became a tail wind for my ride home and I made it in 1:05. This was a 15 minute inprovement from my average since the way home is more incline than decline. On top of that I finally got over 30 mph. I topped out at 33.9 mph over a short stretch. It was a pretty awesome feeling on the bike.

Friday was another half day for me which makes for a pretty relaxing afternoon ride home. I wasn’t in a rush so I didn’t push it too hard. I made average time and sported the short sleeves for the first time this summer. Although when I got home I crashed after lunch for about an hour and a half. I was exhausted from the combination of exercise and lack of sleep.

Sunday Katie and I went out for a ride. It was her first ride on her new road/hybrid bike. We took the Oak Leaf Trail from the Milwaukee County Sports Complex down to Whitnal Park and back. A nice flat trail that is smooth and pretty fast. It was a total of 10 miles in about an hour. Beautiful day for a ride though!

Total last week I biked 74 miles bringing my YTD total to 248.55 Miles or 49.7% of my goal! I might have to try and stretch that goal soon!


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