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Work Commute i.e. Lakefront North to Milwaukee

Friday was my first official trip to work in my summer goal of biking to work at least once a week. It was the best way I could justify getting my new bike last month. The weather was a little cool, probably around 59 degrees, but nothing some underarmour and a little exercise couldn’t handle.

I left the house a little after 5:30 am, which that in itself is quite an achievement! I took the Oak Leaf Parkway to Old Ryan Rd about 4 miles east past Chiago Ave to 5th Avenue. I headed North on 5th pretty much until Grant Park (5th Ave curves into Michigan St and then you take a right to get onto Lake Dr). I took Lake Dr most of the way and cut over onto a bike path at about Warnemont Park. It was a perfect day for a ride with no clouds in the sky and riding right along the lake. I hit a little construction right on the north end of Cudahy so I had to take about a block detour, but no big deal. In general the bike path as I got a little further north was a little more beaten up from many winters. It was a little bumpy on the road bike, but still better than dealing with auto traffic. Once I got to Oklahoma Ave, I went west towards KK Ave. I turned north onto KK to take that the rest of the way into the city. To my enjoyment, there is a bike lane in Bay View! So I was pretty excited about that and it made navigating between parked cars and passing cars much easier. Plus the Bay View area is pretty scenic with a lot of history, so that was a lot of fun. I rolled into work in about an hour and ten minutes!

I left work at about 4pm to head back and miss a little bit of traffic. Bay View was a little slow with the increase in traffic from when I first rolled through before 7am. Once I got back to the lake I took the bike path pretty much all the way until it ends at the southern tip of Grant Park. There were a lot more winding parts of the path than I caught on the way in, so that was fun when I had an open path and a little bit of a pain when there was some traffic.

I definitely enjoyed this trip and look forward to doing it many more times. The total mileage round trip was 34.4 miles! YTD total is at 104.55 miles or 20.9% of my goal.


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