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Whitnal Park, most enjoyable ride yet!

So Friday i had the day off and wanted to get a good bike ride in. Since the last time I tried the Oak Leaf Trail in Franklin, and the Root River had decided to turn it into a swamp, I thought I would head west and try it again.

I took Puetz all the way west between 51st and 68th St. Once I got down to the trail, I was pleased to see that the water level had rescinded. The trail between Puetz and Drexel is a very nicely contructed trail. There are 3 bridges that go over the river and it’s a fairly flat ride. It will be a nice shaded ride on hot days, but this day it was a little chilly in that section. The bugs will definitely be an issue there in the summer. Once I got to Drexel I turned left to head up to 68th St and take that over to Rawson Ave. I swear, the first 100 ft of 68th St was about a 60 degree angle. That was kind of a killer. But I kept going and when I got to Rawson, I realized that there was still a path which I assumed was from Drexel when I turned off the Oak Leaf Trail. I decided to follow that one and to my enjoyment it was a very fast trail with many zig zags and small hills. I really started to get comfortable with my bike and accelerating through the turns. The trail actually dumps out at about Loomis Rd by the Root River Parkway that leads to Whitnal Park. Originally I was going to take Rawson up to 92nd St, but there was a lot of traffic Friday afternoon. So I took the parkway into Whitnal park and race out to the Botanical Gardens. There was a large hill getting into the gardens that kicked my ass the first the that Kristan and I went for a ride through there, so I was determined to show that hill what’s up! I stormed up the hill and into the gardens parking lot. I stopped there for about 10 minutes to rest before heading back home. I was tempted to keep going through Whitnal park and out around West Allis, but I think I’ll wait for a little warmer day that’s not approaching rush hour on a hoiliday weekend.

I began to head back to the OC and this time instead of 68th St. I took the Oak Leaf Trail and followed that back to Puetz and home. I’m trying to explore the Oak Leaf Trail to figure out exactly where it runs and when I can use it, but it’s kind of spotty in some areas with long connections on city streets. It will be nice if the paths ever get connected to each other. The total mileage of the trip was 20.5 miles, by far my longest ride of the season in about an hour and 20 minutes. The ride was about 2.5 miles longer than the biking portion of the Door County Triathlon in July. I think my endurance is definitely built up for the biking portion, especially since it’s going to be a flat ride.

YTD biking total is now at 57.15 miles or 11.4% of my goal!


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