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Oak Leaf Trail North East

Monday morning I was definitely in need of a solid ride after a weekend of grilling out and eating pretty much non-stop. I woke up about 7:30 and wanted to head north on the Oak Leaf trail to see how it connected to Grant Park and ultimately my route to work. The less I have to take city streets on my way home from work, the better.

I crossed Howell onto the Oak Leaf Parkway and caught the Oak Leaf Trail there. It’s a pretty decent trail, mostly behind neighborhoods and schools, but it’s a trail nonetheless. I crossed Puetz and Drexel on the trail, but then it kind of dumped out into a neighborhood and I couldn’t find anymore signs for the Oak Leaf Trail. I ended up back on Howell Ave and took that north to Rawson Ave. I headed east on Rawson and just decided to take that down to Chicago Ave and circle back to Old Ryan Rd. I will most likely take Chicago Ave down and follow 32 to get to work, maybe hop over to Lake Shore Dr for long rides, so this was a nice preview. It was a pretty quiet morning without a lot of traffic. Decent roads for riding as well. I got to Old Ryan Rd and headed west to race towards home. That’s not the smoothest road in some parts, but it’s a fairly fast road without much traffic.

Total it was a 13 mile ride at a relaxed pace. I finished in about 50 minutes. YTD total is now up to 70.15 miles or 14% of my goal. Definitely putting on the miles. I should pass up the original owner’s 190 miles on the bike in no time!


May 27, 2009 - Posted by | Cycling |

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