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How many weeks out of this year is the Root River going to be flooded?

Last night I got a chance to get a good ride in. I pick my bike up from South Shore Cyclery on Wednesday after having a safety check done. Given the fact that my bike was lightly used, I didn’t think anything major was wrong with it, but I still wanted to get it checked out. Everything was great on it. They tightened some components and tuned up the shifting as the rear shifting was a little offer. They definitely do great work there and I will be heading there in the future for anything else that I need.

I left Oak Creek and started heading west on Puetz Rd. I could instantly feel the difference in the shifting. It is now extremely smooth and runs the way that Shimano Ultegra shifters are suppose to run. Puetz has many hills on it so it was perfect for a good workout. My plan was to head down to the trail in Franklin that runs between Puetz and I believe Rawson. Once I got down to the trail, I noticed that the Root River was flooded YET AGAIN! That has to be about a half a dozen times that the river has been flooded. Kind of a shame because that’s a nice clean path to ride through. So I turned around and started heading east again. I strolled bym my parents house in Franklin to show them my new ride. I had a nice personal accomplishment when I was going the speed limit of 25 on flat ground going through the neighborhood. I must say, as much as it would suck to get a speeding ticket on a bike, that could be a pretty good story to tell others someday. We’ll stash that one away as a goal. ;o)

All in all, it was a nice relaxing 10.3 mile ride. That brings my YTD total up to 29.9 miles. I am going to start getting into some longer rides now with biking to work and South Shore Cyclery also has rides every Wednesday in the summer, so I’ll definitely tag along for a couple of those. Hopefully I can get a solid ride in this weekend if the weather cooperates!


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